Political quality

The changes in the Algerian economic environment, combined with the prospects for the development of infrastructure, are leading the latter armed forces to grow demand for technical studies.

This situation revealed new entrants and customer requirements in terms of Quality Cost and Time.

In this new competitive configuration, SETO (Oran Technical Study Company), aims to confront its position by placing the interests of its customers at the center of its concerns and ensuring its durability.

The quality approach in which, I commit the company to establish its strategic axes on the following objectives:

The respect of the commitments towards our customers in terms of Quality cost and delay.

  • Respect and enforce the applicable legal and regulatory requirements,
  • The development of a strong reactivity to the grievances of our customers.
  • The increase of our market shares.
  • The development of alliances with professionals who share our values.
  • Continuous improvement of our quality management system and the operation of the company.
  • The motivation of the staff of the company prioritizing skills.

This project requires a total commitment that I solicit from you all, in order to ensure its success.

For my part, I pledge to put the necessary means to its success and ask the quality manager, to co-ordinate this work and keep me informed regularly of their progress.

Periodic reviews will be organized to evaluate our efforts and continually seek, in an organized way, areas for improvement.


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